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Piece together the puzzle, Dr Annahita Nezami providing counselling and psychotherapy in Hampton & Kingston-upon-Thames

Procrastination: Sit Tight Until The Dread Consumes You

Hi there, thank you for reading this article on procrastination.  Firstly, can I just say I firmly believe that we are all on the procrastination continuum.   I procrastinate over writing my book, it is one of the things I keep delaying, partly because I doubt my ability in writing a book and partly because It feels like such a big project.  I am a psychologist with a clinic in Hampton and Kingston upon Thames.  Over the years I have analysed my own and my clients cognitive and behavioral procrastination rituals.  One of the things I have noticed is that procrastination […]

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Mental Health and The Growth Mindset in 2018: New Year, Old Me!

Mental Health and The Growth Mindset is an article that aims to provide you with evidence-based  tools you can use to improve your chances of implementing change into your life.  Yet another year has passed us all and 2018 is upon us.  With it, 2018  brings our hopes of change and growth.  My name is Dr Annahita Nezami, and I have a counselling and psychotherapy practice in Hampton, Middlesex and Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey.  Even, though I am a psychologist, I can relate, I have some personal goals that I am striving towards in 2018. We all want to resist the temptation […]